Splash's Pools


Macarthur - (02) 4625 2522 - 1/5 Hollylea Road

Tuggerah - (02) 4335 1111 - 2/88 Pacific Highway


Macarthur - (02) 4625 2522
1/5 Hollylea Road

Tuggerah - (02) 4335 1111
2/88 Pacific Highway

Splash Cash Membership Terms & Conditions

  • 'Splash Cash' is a program operated by Clubb Enterprises trading as 'Splash's Pools', to provide continuing benefits for regular shoppers at Splash's Pools.
  • The 'Splash Cash' benefits are available only to validated members of the 'Splash Cash' program.
  • Any retail shopper at Splash's Pools may become a member of the 'Splash Cash' program by completing a personal registration form at the Splash's Pools retail store, or on line at the Splash's Pools website, and the membership is validated by signing the membership card and presenting it for its first scan.
  • By validating the card the member whose name appears on the card accepts these conditions.
  • 'Splash Cash' purchases include only undiscounted chemicals purchased over the counter at a Splash's Pools retail store.
  • All service charges (including any goods supplied or used during a service call) are excluded from the 'Splash Cash' program.
  • 'Splash Cash' creates a credit for each member based on each individual purchase and this credit is deducted from the total payable at the next or subsequent purchases.
  • 'Splash Cash' credits may be redeemed only by making a subsequent purchase at Splash's Pools.
  • 'Splash Cash' credits expire twelve months after the date of purchase.
  • 'Splash Cash' credits are not redeemable for cash.
  • 'Splash Cash' credits are not transferable to any other member.
  • If a member's credit balance exceeds the value of the next or subsequent purchases, that purchase will be redeemed against the credit balance, with the remaining credit being carried forward to subsequent purchases.
  • Any container deposit charged will NOT be used in the calculation of any credit accrued by the member.
  • Any items returned for credit or refund by the member will reduce the credit accrued by the member to the same extent as (but not to any greater extent than) the original purchase increased the accrued credit.
  • 'Splash Cash' credits are accrued by individual members only, and can be recorded only by scanning of the appropriate membership card. No credits are generated for any sale at which the member's card is not presented for scanning.
  • Credits are normally calculated as a percentage of each item purchased. A uniform rate will generally apply to the calculation of credits earned by shoppers. However, from time to time certain items may, depending on market conditions, have a greater or lesser rate applied, and that rate may be zero.
  • Splash Cash members will accrue Splash Cash points for purchases made online via the Splash's Pools webshop (www.mylocalpoolshop.com.au/SplashsPools) where purchases are at the regular price.
  • Splash Cash points cannot be redeemed with any online purchases. Redemption of points can be completed only in store.
  • Splash Cash points cannot be earned on any advertised specials.
  • Splash Cash specials are available only to members of the Splash Cash program. Click Here to complete the membership register form.
  • Store staff will explain the basis for calculation of any credits.
  • The percentage rate for calculating credits may vary from time to time, and any change of rate will affect only future credits earned.
  • No credits earned will be adjusted retrospectively for any change of rate, and no claims for retrospective adjustment will be entertained on the basis of any rate increase which might be applied from time to time.
  • Personal information collected in relation to the 'Splash Cash' program will be kept confidential, and except to the extent required by law, will not be provided to any other party.